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Blount County Friends of the Library November 2014
Reflection and Remembrance: This November we give thanks to those who have made contributions and sacrifices in the armed forces
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ca·ma·ra·de·rie (N): camaraderie

Mutual trust and friendship among people who spend a lot of time together. loyalty and warm, friendly feeling among comrades; comradeship. Origin of camaraderie: French; from camarade.

On a typical Tuesday in the Basement section of the Blount County Library, several of the volunteers were posed the question, “What do you like about volunteering for the Friends and the quarterly book sale?” Everyone answered with a big smile and warmth in their eyes.
Judy A: “Oh most definitely, the camaraderie.  I enjoy making books available to people, it’s just something I enjoy doing.”
June: “Books and people! What’s not to love?!”
Peggy: “I like the people who work down here, I’ve always worked with children, so the children’s section is a perfect fit, Save a book!”
Sandy: “I like to see what other people are reading, it gives me insight.  I like the people I work with.  I enjoy meeting people at the sales and learning their interests.”
Leigh: “The friendships, being totally immersed in books, the everyday worries erased.  Knowing I’m working alongside of retired captains of industry, educators, nurses, housewives, to high school dropouts, all who share my passion of books.  I mean, who doesn’t love a good story?”
Ann:  “It’s fun.  I love books and I’m very comfortable with the people down here, it’s my place to hide one day a week.”
Phil: “Knowing I am helping the library promote literacy.  It is a great group of people to work with.  Seeing the little kids light up when they get their very own books is well worth it.”
Sharon: “I enjoy this group of people who I wouldn’t know otherwise.  I like being a part of a bunch of people who make books available that everyone can afford.”
Larry A: “I enjoy working with all the good people and trying to maintain order among chaos.”
Bill: “Camaraderie of the team! Bargain Bin Ladies are the most fun!  Best retirement job I could ever imagine!”
Cindy: “I’ve made some good friends down here. It’s like Christmas, you never know what you’re going to find. Every time I sort books I find more and more I want to read and explore. So many treasures! The art in and on the turn of the century books is just fabulous.  At the sales you run into people you haven’t seen in ages.”
Diane: “I love the access to all the books and the camaraderie of the people. During the sales, it’s the busy fun time talking to people, helping people find and purchase books.”
Phyllis W: “The people, the people, the people! Everyone works together to make it all work.  I am always amazed at the chaos during the week before a sale and how in one day, the basement is totally organized and ready for business.”
Phyllis: The camaraderie, it’s really a lot of fun.  I love my books.  This was my first sale, it was crazy amazing how many people came, and how many books each person purchased!”
Larry: “My favorite part is meeting new people.”

Volunteering is not only great for the community, it does wonders for the individual too!

Great job, everybody!! You did it again.

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly we go from a messy basement to being ready for a sale.   It also amazes me how hard you work every week to get us to that point four times a year!

A few of the volunteers....
Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon Tuesday, Nov 4th.

A Thank You card from the Library Staff.... to the hard working volunteers!

Thanks, Appreciation, Gratitude
Thank you nNotes from Library staff

Tuesday, November 11th.  Make sure to support our Armed Services. Attend a local Veteran's Day Parade in your community.

drawing of small Christmas tree Maryville/Alcoa CHRISTMAS Parade.  Saturday, Dec 13, Time 11:00am. Donations of candy are needed. Individually pre-wrapped candy only please. Bring to the BCFOL Office.

Blount County Library is not just a library. Many feel it is the Community Center of the County. Where else can you read a good book, catch up on the daily news, research anything from Grandma’s recipes to learning who you’re relatives are from the 1700’s or check out a five-star movie?  One could say, it is thee place to see and be seen, hiding delights in plain sight.  Friends of the Library Volunteers spend several hours of their week also hiding in plain sight.

Not only do these tireless volunteers shelve books, repair damaged tomes, research authors, help in an administrative capacities, organize programs for the community, most also volunteer for the dozens of community programs throughout Blount County.  Friends of the Library’s quarterly Book Sale is another one of the delights of the library, although only in plain sight to most, twelve days a year.  This sale raises thousands of dollars for the sole use of the Library by selling donated and discarded books.  A few of the volunteers in the basement do nothing but research books on the computer to price and sell on E-Bay.

Another dozen or so volunteers work several hours each week in the basement sorting, pricing, shelving and repairing donated books for the quarterly sales.  All the people who work in the Sale area seem to have a very good time in the process.  You can hear boisterous laughing, friendly banter, and a feeling of camaraderie every Tuesday and Thursday morning.

Even though the Tuesday before each Sale is the hardest, it is the most fun because everyone appears on that day to organize displays, polish shelves, sweep, dust and make this crown jewel of the Friends shine. The reward for a morning worth of elbow grease is a Pizza lunch and time to relax knowing the area is ready for Business.


A private sale for Friends of the Library on the Thursday following, business booms! Customers come in droves, lined up at the Sale’s registration desk sometimes an hour before the Sale opens to join the Friends or just check in for the bargains.

As a volunteer working the Sale, it is a sight to see when potential buyers race down the steps or explode from the elevator for the best of the best selections of books that first day.


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