Between Friends - Blount County Friends of the Library Newsletter - April 2015

Blount County Friends of the Library Newsletter - April 2015
Spring Book Sale Flyer

(If you are not a member, you can join at the sale. Membership Forms will be available and credit card payments will be accepted.)

Click here to view the April 2015 Collectible Book List available at this book sale.

The selection of books is excellent, and many are in mint condition. There are books for everyone and they're well-organized for easy browsing. The book sale depends on donations, and each one seems to get bigger and better than before.

Blount County Library, Lower Level

Amazing quarterly book sales are held in January, April, July, and October! Recent sales have offered around 50,000 books! One of the perks of being a member of the Friends is early access to the sale the day before it's opened to the public.

Come build your own Library!

If you love to read, if you love books, this is a Book Bargain Event you cannot miss. The best selections go fast, so plan to attend as a BCFOL member to get the "preview" sale and grab the best.

Proceeds from your membership and your purchases support the Library!

BCFOL Volunteers spend hours and hours sorting and organizing books and other items. A multitude of categories of shelved books will be found on wide shopping aisles; open shopping areas display many, many special features. You will find our shopping venue rivals retail book stores. Our knowledgeable Volunteers will be on hand to gladly assist you find those special books!

Blount County Board of Trustees Update...
written by Denise Robertson

The Blount County Board of Trustees meets at the Library in the Kathy Pagles board room every third Tuesday at 5:30.  The current members representing Alcoa, Maryville and the county are: Bill Beaty (Chair), John McArthur (Secretary), Judge David Duggan, Belinda Kenny, Dr. Susan Schneibel, and Mary Beth West.  Also in attendance representing the state is Beth Mercer, Director of the Ocoee River Regional Library System.  A representative from the Library Foundation and the Friends of the Library also attend as all of these groups work together to support the Library and its efforts.  The Board of Trustees directs all affairs of the library including providing guidance, feedback and approval to the Library Director and staff in the creation of policies, approval of the budget and other major decisions.

K.C. Williams, Library Director, provides a report to the group on what is happening in the library, future plans, any current problems as well as usage statistics so that the Trustees have a good picture of the health of the Library.  Library managers and administrators also attend to support the Director in keeping the Trustees informed.  Their presence allows for immediate answers to the Trustees questions as well as they receive insight into what the Trustees expect from the Library and staff.  The representatives from the Foundation and the Friends also are given the opportunity to report on their group's activities.  Everyone that is there cares deeply about the Library and the people it serves so the meetings are very congenial and collaborative.  If all of these people make the room sound crowded, it often is. But this meeting is open to the public and if you would like to attend, room can always be made for one more!

Board members meeting
Drawing of library with book spines color-coded for actually read and intent to read, purely for show, etc.

Donations Winter 2015
Albert Auxier
Brian & Rosemary Barker
Gary Carpenter
Richard & Michelle Fridell
Jim Hands
David & Laura Harrill
Richard & Evelyn Harrington
Henry & Shirley Law
Marzel & Nancy Stiefel
Marion & Norma Stokes
Beatrice Thompson
Barbara Westbrook
Richard & Deborah Yarbrough

Also many thanks to Johnny and Linda Lennon, who upon their moving to Illinois, gave us over 300 books!
Honor & Memory
Ted Flickinger, Jr. in Honor of Ted & Jean Flickinger
Bob & Marie Harris in Memory of Peg Moore

BCFOL Officers:
President: Diane Martin
Vice President: Denise Robertson
Treasurer: Garry Ernsberger
Secretary: Sandy Goodson

Newsletter Editor: Jane Bennett
Newsletter Designers: Claudia Erwin, Lynn McKean
Members at Large:
Judy Ackley, Larry Ackley
Jane Bennett, Ginnae Harley
Larry Moore, Betty Fowler

Proofreader: Bonnie Holmes