Between Friends - Blount County Friends of the Library Newsletter - September 2015

Blount County Friends of the Library Newsletter - September 2015

Displays in the Library:
What is Art?

by Dolores Philpot

According to the American painter, Georgia O'Keeffe, art is “filling a space in a beautiful way”. Recently, if you happened to look up at the wall directly opposite our Library Café, you may have noticed what filled that space. Besides paintings, purses and decorated apparel were also hanging from the wall. In the front entrance reading area were art showings on easels. These were examples of recycled art: Junque Art Face and fractal art: Mathematical Pattern Generation. The beauty is arguable, but they certainly represent another view of art: creative expression.

Photo of Junque Art Face       Photo of Mathematical Pattern

The Blount County Artists Guild (BCAG) facilitated these displays in August, as well as filling a display case near the Large Print Book area. This housed artifacts and pictures of times gone by, like Green Stamps, a Pick-up Stix game and old main street Maryville. All exhibits were there courtesy of artists of BCAG and their Art Coordinator for the library, Linda Watson.

BCAG has the record for longevity because they have contributed library art displays for over 30 years. However, other groups are involved as well. They include the Foothills Craft Guild, Townsend Artisan Guild, Youthful Expressions Studio, Blount County Photo Club, and Knoxville Watercolor Society. In addition, high school and elementary students in Blount County are able to present their art. Pellissippi State Community College’s Artist in Residence and the Tennessee Arts Commission is involved at the elementary school level.

Besides art, individuals are able to display collections. Examples are models of historical ships, vehicles and aircrafts, stamps, and genealogy items. Exhibitions change frequently and are all over the library. Check them out, refresh your spirit, and be amused, edified or mystified. They are available for the community.

Apparel Art by Sally Watson

Library Event Highlights

An Evening with Dr. Bill Bass
Forensic anthropologist and founder of the Body Farm at U.T.
Mon., Sept. 14
Reading Rotunda, end of Main Gallery
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It's Your Career: Soft Skills Training
Sept. 18, 2015 - May 20, 2016
7:30 a.m. networking; 8-10 a.m. training session
Registration required
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Freedom Trunk Exhibit
Mon., Sept. 28 – Main Gallery
Freedom Trunk Presentation
Cato Clowney
Mon., Sept. 28, 7 p.m.
Sharon Lawson Room

Email Marketing
Gavin Baker, TN Small Business Development Center
Registration required
Tues., Sept. 29, 11:30 a.m.-2 p.m.
Dorothy Herron Room A

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Photo: Tim Osborne


Dorian Lee Caldwell

(This little corner of the paper spotlights volunteers... those wonderfully delightful people who make the difference in the community and the library in particular)

Thomas (Tim) Osborne has been volunteering at the library for about four years. He refers to his volunteer duties for the Friends of Blount County Library affectionately as “one of the Bin Divers.” Tim also works the quarterly sales event tallying and organizing the books members of the Friends of the Library purchase during the private sale on Thursdays. He knows all the members, calling them by name, while laughing and joking with the quantity purchasers. Tim keeps his part of Will-Call running smooth as silk during opening day.

Tim grew up with a brother and sister in a charmingly quiet little town just north of Nashville, Goodlettsville Tennessee. Osborne received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology and his Master’s Degree in Education Psychology and Guidance/School Psychologist from University of Tennessee.

Before earning his degrees, Tim had several fun and some, ah, not so fun, jobs during high school and college. He is not sure which one of the fun ones was his favorite; working for a river rafting company on the Hiwassee/Ocoee River, or his stint at the Imperial House, a spooky old hotel in a defunct mining camp better known as Cripple Creek in Colorado. He can tell you his least favorite was working one summer for a semi-trailer truck cab manufacturer insulating their product with fiberglass. He swears to this day he still has fiberglass embedded in his soul.

Tim started his professional career with Tennessee State Department of Mental Health, dealing with Developmentally Disabled Adults. From there he transferred to the Children and Youth department as a Diagnostician Assessment Specialist assessing all children and adolescents admitted to Mental Health Facilities. He excelled in this position for fifteen years. Osborne then took a position in Special Education in the Oakridge and Maryville City School Systems for another fifteen years. For quite a while after retirement Tim worked placements in the school system, filling in for special education teachers on temporary leave. Tim now volunteers his Tuesday’s at Montgomery Ridge Middle School as a tutor. He is also an on-call courier for a Pathology Lab group.

If you think his on-call and volunteer work does not keep him busy in his retirement, Osborne is also a Bee Keeper and is delighted that he retrieved over 435 pounds of the sweetness from his hives this season. Tim is an avid gardener; his property is a riot of color in blooming season and has an abundant vegetable garden. Tim is also an experienced Scuba diver. His all-time favorite dive is Roatan, Honduras where the world’s second largest coral reef can be explored. Although Tim never had children, he relishes playing “Uncle Grumpy” to his nieces whenever he can. Tim’s friendships are very precious to him; he has a circle of friends going as far back as middle school and college. Tim likes to spend his down time with neighbors and friends on the lake adjacent to his property. Animals in need sense his gentle ways: Strays always find a forever home at the Osborne house and his pooches are just delightful.

Most Mondays you can find Tim digging in the bins, clearing the opening to remove the mass quantities of donated books for the quarterly book sale by the Friends in the lower level of the library. Say hey as he rolls by with the giant bins on his way to the basement!

Library staff member deals with new volunteer strip used with permission.
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