Between Friends - Blount County Friends of the Library Newsletter - January 2016

Blount County Friends of the Library Newsletter - January 2016

The CORRECT 2016 Book Sale Dates

Thursday, January 21: Friends only, Noon to 6 pm
Friday, Saturday, January 22,23: General Public 9 to 5

Thursday, April 21: Friends only, Noon to 6 pm
Friday , Saturday, April 22,23: General Public 9 to 5

Thursday, July 21: Friends only, Noon to 6 pm
Friday, Saturday, July 22,23: General Public 9 to 5

Thursday, October 20: Friends only, Noon to 6 pm
Friday, Saturday, October 21,22: General Public 9 to 5

Blount County Friends of the Library Book Sale slide show video has arrived! Check it out by clicking on the picture.

video poster

January 2016 book sale flyer

(If you are not a member, you can join at the sale. Membership Forms will be available and credit card payments will be accepted.)

Click here to view the
January 2016 Collectible List
available at this book sale.

The selection of books is excellent, and many are in mint condition. There are books for everyone and they’re well-organized for easy browsing. The book sale depends on donations, and each one seems to get bigger and better than before.

Blount County Library, Lower Level

Amazing quarterly book sales are held in January, April, July, and October! Recent sales have offered around 50,000 books! One of the perks of being a member of the Friends is early access to the sale the day before it’s opened to the public.

Come build your own Library!

If you love to read, if you love books, this is a Book Bargain Event you cannot miss. The best selections go fast, so plan to attend as a BCFOL member to get the “preview” sale and grab the best.

Proceeds from your membership and your purchases support the Library!

BCFOL Volunteers spend hours and hours sorting and organizing books and other items. A multitude of categories of shelved books will be found on wide shopping aisles; open shopping areas display many, many special features. You will find our shopping venue rivals retail book stores. Our knowledgeable Volunteers will be on hand to gladly assist you find those special books!


Tips for Identifying Valuable Books

by Meg Halter
A Report on the Nov. 17 Seminar Given by Lisa Misosky to BCFriends interested in helping with the ongoing eBay Friends of the Library Book Sale

Every week we must quickly sort through a deluge of donations. When should a book or magazine be sent to collectibles? On November 17, Lisa Misosky, owner of Southland Books, gave us tons of pointers on how pull out books that might be valuable. Do not discard a book that might be valuable because it's smelly or moldy, or because it's discolored or tatty. Many of these problems can be fairly easily remedied. Pages can be cleaned. Mold can be cleaned off. Minor damage can be easily repaired. (But “NEVER, EVER, EVER use Elmer's glue or super glue to fix a book.”) If a book is not valuable enough to repair but is worth preserving, put it in a sleeve or clamshell box. Also, don't let your prejudices about the topic color your judgment about the value of a book. For example, do NOT discard books with nudity. Instead, send them to collectibles to be sold on eBay. Remember that the objective is to raise funds for the library.


eBay is a great way to connect with niche collectors. For example, science bulletins issued by university presses (typically on narrow reference topics such as fish or specific grasses) can be valuable ... to the person who is interested in that narrow topic. For books that were published in the 1980s or later, the eBay smartphone app can be handy for getting an idea of the value. Enter the ISBN number and if the book is offered for at least $20 send it to collectibles for the experts to evaluate more carefully. (Note: BOFL has a cutoff of $14.99 for listing on eBay.)

Local Collectors

Another avenue for selling valuable books is to local collectors. Look for books by local authors, such as Cormac McCarthy and James Agee, especially first editions of their earlier books. Also, books issued by local publishers can be extra valuable to local collectors who focus on a particular imprint (e.g. Pumpkin Town) or on TN books. For example, Dr. Lyons’ estate included a first edition of one of Cormac McCarthy's early books, autographed and dedicated to D. Lyons. It was eventually sold for hundreds of dollars.

So what should you look for?

Look inside

Much of the value can only be assessed from looking inside the book.

  • Is it signed?
  • Is it dedicated to someone well known?
  • Is it a limited edition?
  • Is it from a first edition that was a small print run?
  • Is there something collectible inside, such as old letters or tickets to historic events?
  • Even a breaker copy (a book which is worth less than the cost to repair) may have value. For example, if the book contains beautiful prints, it might make more sense to salvage the prints and throw away the book itself.
  • However, early editions of academic and reference books are often not valuable because the content is revised in later editions.
  • Does a magazine includes a story by a well-known author? That may be the first appearance of the story in print and could make the issue worth $40 - $50.

Look at the outside

  • Is the book by an author that you or your kids read in school?
  • Was the book published by a university press?
  • Is the book part of a small print run?
  • Is it an advance review copy?
  • Was the story later made into a movie? (Books printed after the movie are rarely valuable.)
  • Dust jackets add value. However, a lack of dust jacket can be more than canceled out by other factors that add value.

Remember that value is not necessarily a function of the age of the book and that “even a beat-up book can be collectible.”

Anyone who has a collectible to donate may simply

  1. put it in the Friends office labelled “Collectible”
  2. put it in a separate bag or box and put it in the BCFOL donation bins located on the side of the library.

Claudia Erwin has agreed to answer any questions you may have:

Her email is:
Please put “Collectible Question” in the Subject box of the Email.

Several Friends are working to research and put the collectible books on eBay, and box them up for mailing after they are bought. The sales so far have been very successful.

Some of the Collectible Books recently picked up during the last Book Sale:

Photo of book
Black’s Law Dictionary Third Edition 1933 Hardcover

Photo of book jacket
The Complete Corvette Restoration and Technical Guide-Vol. 1 1953-1962

Photo of book
Rosemary and Pansies by Effie Smith SIGNED 1st Edition 1908 Poetry Hardcover

Thank you to all who bought RaRa Schlitt artwork auction pieces during our first ever Friends sponsored art auction. Many people bought the beautiful creations and all the proceeds will go to the children’s Department of the library, as RaRa Schlitt asked.

Landscape painting of cabin in woodsPortrait of smiling clown
Landscape painting of creek and footbridgePainting of leopard in tree
Painting of hot-air balloonsBookmarks painted with standing female figures in long flowing dresses
Upcoming Events

Affordable Care Act Insurance Enrollment
Saturday January 16, 2016 - 10 am to 5 pm
One on One Assistance by Certified Counselors
Computer Lab and Board Room

Hansel and Gretel Opera (Humperdinck) Full Opera
Saturday, January 16, 2016 - 11 am
Knoxville Opera Company

National Popcorn Day
Tuesday, January 19, 2016 - 9 am to 7 pm
Enjoy 25 Cent bags of buttery popcorn
Available at Bookmark Café


Monday, January 18, Library Closed in Honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

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