Between Friends - Blount County Friends of the Library Newsletter - February 2016

Blount County Friends of the Library Newsletter - February 2016

Wow, There was my Mother pictured in her High School Orchestra in 1929! Jane Bennett begins a Personal Ancestral Journey at Blount County Library.

17 curious ancestry students attended the first ever Blount County Library class on January 26 in the library’s computer lab. Two reference department mavens, Brennan LeQuire and Melinda Rust, led the group for an hour and a half of intense searching.

The class began with a large screen presentation of the fundamentals of searching for ancestors on this website, and the explanation that the version used at Blount County Library varied from the site in two ways:

  1. it is free to patrons who bring in their own iPads or laptops or sign up to use the Reference Library Computers,
  2. it varies a bit in some of the data bases.

At the top of the initial screen is a list of research tools such as Home, Search, Message Boards, charts and forms, new collections, etc.

Through these various sites by entering one’s ancestor one can find out what schools were attended, what addresses this person lived at and even sometimes pictures go with these discoveries, military history, employments, marriages, deaths, children, addresses, etc.

Brennen LeQuire shared information about her search for her grandfather to show the variety of sources and ways to learn about one’s ancestors. She even has pictures of the various houses her grandfather lived in, what war he fought in, what jobs he had, whom he married. His census information was shared as well and in various censuses they told his hair color.

One important point is that an ordinary citizen cannot search any census after 1940 as these are held privately for 72 years.

For my first attempt I looked for my mother as I knew her birth date and place and found almost immediately a picture of her in a high school orchestra in Bloomington, Indiana in 1929 from the school yearbook, and then another picture of her four years later in the Indiana University yearbook.

Photo of orchestra

These documents are easily sent to a personal email address which the searcher simply enters when wanting to keep documents or pictures.

One can go international, which will be my ultimate goal in searching for my Scottish ancestors for whom I have names from the 1700’s in Scotland, but little else.

To begin such a search one simply can go to the reference dept. and the librarians there have a thorough grounding in showing one how to search and, what’s more, a graciousness in helping those of us who are relatively clueless about the millions of entries at this site.

Please call 865-273-1428 to find out when the next available Class will be held.

Hansel and Gretel:
January 16, 2016

Thanks to the Friends’ Sponsorship, Brian Salesky, Executive Director and Conductor of the Knoxville Opera, was able to bring some of the Knoxville Opera’s professional operatic performers to the library for a thoroughly beautiful, adapted performance of Hansel and Gretel to a full house in the acoustically sound library rotunda.

Many people of all ages were entertained with the beautiful scenery, music, and a question and answer session afterwards during which the actors and keyboard player shared their education and operatic experiences to great interest.

Complete performances of Hansel and Gretel will be presented on February 26 and 28 at the Tennessee Theatre in Knoxville and a Student Dress Rehearsal on February 24 at 6:30pm is free for all students and $5 for accompanying adults. Check out more information at

Click on the picture below for a brief video....

Hansel and Gretel performance

Happy Valentine's Day

February 24, Wednesday, 11 am. Reverse Mortgages/other Housing Options
Novill Jones CBBC and Marietta Mason Certified Financial Planner

Discover EARTH: Our Changing Planet
February 6-April 27

Children’s Library Becca Baker and Chelsea Tarwater have written a grant which has brought this amazing 3 month expedition to Blount County Library. Only 9 sites in America have been chosen. During this time there will be many special events and a continuing multi-interactive exhibit in the reading rotunda for people of all ages.

Coming in February:

February 20, Saturday, 2 pm. Matt Hinkin, WATE TV meteorologist

February 29, Monday, 7 pm. Natural History of S. Appalachia by Dr. Paul Threadgill, Maryville College Biology Professor

Exhibits: Weather, Ecosystems, Web of Life

Book Sale Makeup Date

We will have a one day sale on Saturday, February 27. IF the library should be closed on that day for snow, the sale will be on the following Saturday, March 5. I can think of a whole bunch of reasons why we don't want snow!!

To keep from having to hold so many books in the non-public area before the sale we will have the work day on Thursday morning, February 25.

The sale will be open to everybody, and hardcover books will be $2.00 unless priced otherwise.

Thank you for being so flexible!! YOU FOLKS ARE THE BEST!!


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