Between Friends - Blount County Friends of the Library Newsletter - July 2016

Blount County Friends of the Library Newsletter - July 2016

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If you are not a member, you can join during the Book Sale.

Click here to view the July 2016 Collectible Books available at this book sale. The selection of books is excellent, and many are in mint condition. There are books for everyone and they’re well-organized for easy browsing. The book sale depends on donations, and each one seems to get bigger and better than before.

Blount County Library, Lower Level

Amazing quarterly book sales are held in January, April, July, and October! Recent sales have offered around 50,000 books! One of the perks of being a member of the Friends is early access to the sale the day before it’s opened to the public.

Come build your own Library!

If you love to read, if you love books, this is a Book Bargain Event you cannot miss. The best selections go fast, so plan to attend as a BCFOL member to get the “preview” sale and grab the best.

Proceeds from your membership and your purchases support the Library!

BCFOL Volunteers spend hours and hours sorting and organizing books and other items. A multitude of categories of shelved books will be found on wide shopping aisles; open shopping areas display many, many special features. You will find our shopping venue rivals retail book stores. Our knowledgeable Volunteers will be on hand to gladly assist you find those special books!

Friends of the Library Annual Meeting       Tuesday June 21, 2016

The meeting was called to order at 1:00 pm by President Diane Martin in the Sharon Lawson room. There were 89 Friends, volunteers, and guests present. Diane welcomed the members, highlighted some of our accomplishments, and thanked the members and volunteers for their support.

Diane reviewed revenues and budgeted expenditures for 2015-2016:

Pie Charts

Membership, donations and book sales enabled the Friends to budget ~$70,000 in support of programs, services and equipment in 2015/16. Significant items were desktop computers, Lego robotics with laptop computers, Hot Summer Nights, Shakespeare on the Lawn, and reading programs for all ages. Diane encouraged the guests present to join the Friends, to come to our book sales, and/or drop off books in our collection bins. She said all of these activities are ways to support our wonderful Library.

The membership voted to unanimously accept the slate of candidates for the board for 2016/17. The outgoing board members were recognized, and a plea was made for candidates for our vacant Vice President position. The new board members are:


  • Denise Robertson– President
  • Vacant - Vice President
  • Betty Jo Fowler– Treasurer
  • Bob Myers– Secretary

Directors at Large

  • Lew Abramson, Dick Burgess, Jane Bennett, Marcy Delozier, Claudia Erwin, Kellie Frazier, Lisa Misosky, Mary Moore, Dolores Philpot

Bylaw revisions were unanimously voted in including nominating committee make-up, membership dues to be paid annually, and board expenditures up to $500 okayed between meetings for emergencies.

Bill Beaty, outgoing chair of the Blount County Public Library Board of Trustees, thanked the Friends for their ongoing support. He said the Blount County Public Library is one of the best libraries in the entire state, and the Friends make a significant contribution to its success.

The annual meeting was adjourned at 1:15 pm.

June 21 Board Meeting Speaker Dr. Henry Fribourg: Escape to Freedom
Dr. Fribourg: University of Tennessee retired professor of agronomy and crop management for 44 Years)

Dr Henry A. Fribourg, UT Professor Emeritus and his wife Claudia escaped from Nazi occupied France and Brussels respectively, with their Jewish families during World War II.

Claudia and Henry Fribourg

Dr. Fribourg presented a very clear pictorial analysis of the German world from 1933 through 1945.He showed how Hitler in 1933 was made a German official, how he rose to power during the depression, and how over the next 12 years said he managed to rid Europe of 13 million Jews, although in Germany there were only 300,000. He pointed out that according to the 1935 Nuremberg Laws if one had only one Jewish grandparent he would be considered Jewish. He showed pictures of the Auschwitz Concentration camp where his grandmother was sent. 500,000 died in gas chambers and the Nazis kept records of those they murdered.

Work Sets You Free - Arbeit Macht Frei

In 2003 Dr Fribourg published his first autobiographical memoir I Gave You LifeTwice (His mother told him this since first she gave birth to him and secondly gave him life because it was on her insistence that the family flee France) and in 2013 his second memoir, Escape to Freedom. In these very detailed, articulate memoirs, he describes his experience as a 12-year old French Jewish boy who with his parents, sister and baby brother, escaped from occupied Europe in January 1942.

In his speech, he relates surviving three machine-gun strafings by a German fighter pilot, the walk of his soldier father most of the way across France, and the flight of his pregnant mother and sister with him to escape the German Panzers during the invasion of France in 1942 while he was entrusted with carrying all their savings in a box covered in a blanket.

Messerschmidt strafes boy

He described the life in Vichy France and North Africa, and his expulsion from school; how it felt when the Portuguese ship on which he was sailing on the way to refuge in Cuba was stopped by a U-boat mid-way across the Atlantic; his learning Spanish and English, the murder of his grandmother – and the life his family created in the US after WW II when they were able to find sponsors, as was law then and recently, who would guarantee five years of sustenance, and obtain visas to come to NY.

This gentleman attended the University of Wisconsin and Iowa, working very hard for his room and board, translating, waiting tables, etc. before meeting his wife Claudia through Jewish friends and becoming a professor at UT. She escaped Brussels the day the Nazis invaded and spent time in Morocco a year before Henry and his family went through the very same camps. She subsequently became an elementary school teacher.

This speaker presented a coherent and moving account of the evil of the Vichy French world. He said 508 close and distant family members were assassinated by German in WWII.

In a time when immigration and evil treatment of many people in many countries remain a very serious concerns, hearing the story of a family who legally and with much suffering came to America and became assets to their adopted country is inspiring. In his memoirs Dr. Fribourg shares that he has taught in colleges in many places in this world, teaching students how to grow edible crops for themselves and for the creatures they eat.

He emphasizes that he speaks now so that “we remember and do not forget.”

Dr. Fribourg and Friends

*** NOTE *** Dr. Fribourg has misplaced the name of a couple who ordered a signed book. Please, if you ordered a book from him, email him at or call 560-1247

Meet Kellie Frazier
Blount County Friends of the Library Newest Board Member

My name is Kellie Frazier. I am a graduate of The University Of Tennessee, Knoxville with a degree in Spanish and International Business. I continued on to attend New England School Of Law in Boston, MA including a summer at Oxford University in Oxford, England.

Upon graduating, I married my husband Tom Frazier who works and serves the public at SSA. My father in law is a Vietnam veteran who flew Admiral John McCain around the Pacific. I enjoy documenting his stories.

I have a passion for serving our veterans and giving back in a way in which I am able through The Books For Soldiers initiative and also through the Jail Birds program in which we supply used books to the library at the Blount County Detention Center thus providing hope to those who need it.

I have always loved the library since my mother instilled a great love for reading. Our Blount County Library has many opportunities to serve our community and truly leave a lasting mark on this world.

Please support the Friends Of The Library!

BCFOL Officers:
President: Denise Robertson
Vice President: Vacant
Treasurer: Betty Jo Fowler
Secretary: Bob Myers

Newsletter Editor: Jane Bennett
Newsletter Designer: Lynn McKean
Members at Large:
Lew Abramson, Jane Bennett, Dick Burgess
Marcy Delozier, Claudia Erwin, Kellie Frazier
Lisa Misosky, Mary Moore, Dolores Philpot

Social Media Directors: Claudia Erwin, Sara French
Social Media Consultant: Bob Myers