Between Friends - Blount County Friends of the Library Newsletter - February 2017

Blount County Friends of the Library Newsletter - February 2017

The Health Benefits of Volunteering

Submitted by Robert McClelland

As Aristotle once noted: “What is the essence of life? To serve others and do good.” Most volunteers serve with a genuine desire to help others and have a firm commitment to making a difference, large or small as it may be. Sharing time and resources, they go about the task of strengthening communities, improving people’s lives, building social connections, and creating greater cohesion wherever they work. These are just a few of the time-tested and well-known external impacts of volunteerism.

Although volunteers do not walk the path of service for personal gain, they do derive a set of personal benefits from the act of giving. Such benefits are innumerable and can vary from one individual to another. Examples include but are not limited to finding new friends or strengthening existing friendships, trying new activities or learning new skills, advancing one’s career through new connections, and achieving or strengthening a sense of purpose.

Not coincidentally, volunteering has a happiness effect. A variety of studies have shown that the more people volunteer, the happier they tend to be. Such a feeling is often derived from being connected to others, having stronger ties to the community, developing new social and networking skills, finding fulfillment and purpose and being productive. In short, the more we give the happier we are. Here are some of our volunteers....

Volunteer reading story to group of children

Helping and working with others and thereby establishing meaningful connections is a powerful way to help counteract stress and anxiety. Regular contact with other people in an environment of mutual service also tends to help one develop a strong support system, a precondition identified as essential to helping deal with depression.

Some other health benefits are clear. Those who volunteer have a lower mortality rate than those who do not. Older volunteers tend to get more physical and mental exercise, are less likely to develop high blood pressure, and find it easier to cope with everyday tasks. Some more of our volunteers....

Book Sale Flyer February 2017

If you are not a member, you can join during the Book Sale.

**Breaking News**

Book Sales Dates are Changing for 2017:
January 19-21
March 9-11
June 8-10
September 7-9
December 7-9

In 2018, the dates will be in March, June, September, and December.

Recent sales have offered around 50,000 books! One of the perks of being a member of the Friends is early access to the sale the day before it’s opened to the public. ► More Info

Come build your own Library!

If you love to read, if you love books, this is a Book Bargain Event you cannot miss. The best selections go fast, so plan to attend as a BCFOL member to get the “preview” sale and grab the best.

Proceeds from your membership and your purchases support the Library!

BCFOL Volunteers spend hours and hours sorting and organizing books and other items. A multitude of categories of shelved books will be found on wide shopping aisles; open shopping areas display many, many special features. You will find our shopping venue rivals retail book stores. Our knowledgeable Volunteers will be on hand to gladly assist you find those special books!

There are many COLLECTIBLE Books

available at this book sale. The selection of books is excellent, and many are in mint condition. There are books for everyone and they’re well-organized for easy browsing. The book sale depends on donations, and each one seems to get bigger and better than before.

 Blount County Library, Lower Level

Animals and Plants

Gardening for a Lifetime

I Heard the Owl Cry My Name (Craven)

Flower Garden Planner

The 400 Best Garden Plants

Alaska’s Magnificent Parklands

The Sea Around Us

Americas Hidden Treasures

Art and Music

Norman Rockwell Chronicles

Music of the Western World

B S Bach

Rembrandt's Eyes

Home to Jericho

Dancers of the Ballet

20th Century Photography


A Terrible Glory (Custer)

The Pinkertons

Americans in Paris

American Legend – Davy Crockett

Carson McCullers

Buried Alive (Janis Joplin)

The Brothers Warner (Film)

Steve Jobs


Library of Souls (Riggs)

Lucinda a Little Girl of 1860


The Little Prince



Marcella Stories

Little Black Sambo

Cookbooks / Crafts

The French Chef Cook Book (Child)

American Silver

Quilt Making

A Complete Dictionary of Furniture


Wrought Iron


Cities of the Plain (Cormack McCarthy)

Alfred Hitchcock Stories

Complete Sherlock Holmes

The Stand (King)

Sin City (Frank Miller)

Jane Eyre / Wuthering Heights Set

The Trollope Reader


Six Wives: Wives of Henry VIII

History of the Chinese Reform Movement (5 vols)

Growing Up in the 1880’s

Hitler’s Empire

The Civil War Era (McPherson)

The Last of the Incas

Civil War Curiosities

Non Fiction

The Celts

The Texas Rangers

All American Ads 1950’s

Military Transport of World War II

Titanic – the Official Story

A Decade of Building Relationships in Tennessee (Denso)

Complete Guide to Aircraft (3 vol)


Foxfire Books

Tennessee Short History

Handicrafts of the Southern Highlands


The Story of the Cherokee People

Touring the East Tennessee Backwoods

The Appalachian Frontier

The Kentuckians

Our Southern Highlander

100 Hikes in the Great Smoky Mountains

Scavenger Hike Adventures and Mountain Journal

Sparks – Municipal Distribution of TVA


Gospel Parrallels

Mother Teresa

Handful of Purpose for Christian Workers (4 vols)

The New Oxford Annotated Bible

The Buddha from Brooklyn

The Psalms and Other Sacred Writings



Shale Oil

Gray’s Anatomy

Natural History of Human Teeth

Gray’s School and Field Botany

Nurse as Educator


Yale Shakespeare Set (40 vols)

Masterpieces of Mystery (10 vols)

Winston – World War II (4 vols)

Harlequin Premier Editions (24 vol)

Scott Fitzgerald Novels (4 vols)

Nobel Prize Library (26 vols)


Vols – Big Orange Football 1964 - 1993

Raise the Roof (Summitt)

Reach for the Summitt

Sum It Up (Summitt)

Take Me Out to the Ball Park

Baseball – a Literary Anthology

Big Orange Memories (Ray Mears)

On Rocky Top

Puccini’s La Bohème was at Blount County Public Library

MARYVILLE, TN   “La Bohème,” Giacomo Puccini’s opera that inspired the 1996 Broadway musical “Rent,” was presented, in an abbreviated version, by artists from the Knoxville Opera Company under direction of Maestro Brian Salesky on Saturday, January 14, at 11 a.m. at the Blount County Public Library.

This education/outreach production was in costume and in English, and there was a simple set. The performance, appropriate for all ages, lasted 40 minutes and was sponsored by the Blount County Friends of the Library. Families were encouraged to attend and bring school-aged children.

The leading roles featured (from left to right below) Sonja Krenek as Mimi, Brittany Robinson as Musetta, Oswaldo Iraheta as Rodolfo, and Brian Salesky, Knoxville Opera Executive Director and Conductor as pianist and host.

Notes from your BCFOL Board President, Denise Robertson

How are you surviving this winter? To me, it’s been way too warm. I like the cold days that are perfect for sitting in front of a fire reading a book. But, If your thoughts are turning towards spring, don’t forget our spring book sale is MARCH 9-11 this year. We’ve changed the months we hold book sales to March, June, September and December. Jane Bennett is working hard to get the word out so we will have a good crowd show up to shop. Help her out by letting your friends know of this change. The basement continues to evolve as a core group of book sale workers and board members meet every week to discuss the pros and cons of what we do and if we can improve our efficiencies and sales volumes. Everyone is welcome to attend these weekly meetings that are held in the basement around 10:15 on Tuesdays. If you have a sweet tooth, cookies are using available. Come join us!

Many thanks to the Friends of the Library for supporting and supplying prizes for the Snowman Contest this year. Prizes supplied were for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places in 3 categories, 17 and up, 11-16 years, 10 and under. Some of the winning snowmen, in no particular order, are pictured here:

The Year in Review
Barbara Zurl, Director
Ex Libris Library Extension Program

With the dawning of a new year, who knows what will be spread before us on the Table of 2017—snowflakes, shining icicles, forsythia, dogwood blossoms, butterflies and fireflies gracing the day and nighttime skies? Of course there will be colored leaves and berries, pumpkins and eventually the dark of winter will settle in again, another cycle coming to completion.

For certain, few people will be saddened to see 2016 depart.

“Here’s to the bright New Year—and a fond farewell to the old.
Here’s to the things that are yet to Be—and the memories that we hold.”

For Ex Libris, 2016 certainly was a year to remember. Three new facilities were added to our roster. These brought unique challenges and hard-won successes. Our team grew by the addition of three new members. Many thanks to Mary Pope, Joyce Lane, and Sue Gibbens for becoming part of the Ex Libris family.

Over the past calendar year we delivered 196 programs with more than 2,500 people attending our presentations. The numbers are simply staggering.

John Greenleaf Whittier seems to have understood perfectly what our Program is all about:

“Somehow not only for Christmas
But all the long year through,
The joy that you give to others
Is the joy that comes back to you.
And the more you spend in blessing
The poor and lonely and sad,
The more of your heart’s possessing
Returns to make you glad.”

Congratulations, ladies of Ex Libris for a year well spent!
Pictured from Left to Right:
Joyce Lane, Sue Gibbons, Mary Pope, Janetta Baker, Marian Nicholas, Susan Hanye, and Barbara Zurl.

Anyone interested in learning more about our program or wishing to observe a presentation is cordially invited to give me, Barbara Zurl, a call at 865-977-5034 or Ex Libris Program Coordinator, Janetta Baker, at 865-771-2532. Dolores Philpot, our BCFOL Volunteer Coordinator can also explain just what our project is all about.

We've started a program and can't get Help.
by Barbara Zurl

As Kermit the frog aptly pointed out, “It isn’t easy being green”. Nor is it easy to honor program commitments without enough volunteers. The Ex Libris Library Extension Program, a/k/a “Friends From the Library” is in need of a few good souls wishing to bring the joy of the library to folks in area senior facilities who are unable to avail themselves of its treasures.

Currently, we serve 11 local facilities, mostly on a bi-weekly basis. These twice a month programs may feature trivia, poetry, short stories, news, music, art and humor. Your imagination is the limit.

Uncle Sam says We Want You!

The commitment is NOT huge—generally a total of 8 hours per month, which includes creating two programs, delivering them and drive time back and forth. In a typical month of 30 days that leaves a whopping 712 hours for you to spend in other pursuits.

We really WANT YOU! If you would like to learn more, please contact me, Barbara Zurl at 865-977-5034 or via e-mail Or feel free to contact Program Coordinator, Janetta Baker at 865-771-2532. At the library, Dolores Philpot, BCFOL Volunteer Coordinator, can fill you in on the details of just what Ex Libris is all about.

BCFOL Officers:
President: Denise Robertson
Vice President: Dick Burgess
Treasurer: Betty Jo Fowler
Secretary: Bob Myers

Newsletter Editor: Jane Bennett
Newsletter Designer: Lynn McKean
Members at Large:
Jane Bennett, Gary Carpenter, Marcy Delozier,
Claudia Erwin, Lisa Misosky, Mary Moore, Dolores Philpot

Newsletter Feature Writers: Robert McClelland, Carla Leone
Social Media Directors: Claudia Erwin, Sara French
Social Media Consultant: Bob Myers