Between Friends - Blount County Friends of the Library Newsletter - July 2017

Blount County Friends of the Library Newsletter - July 2017

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The New Friends Bookstore

Not only do 5 to 7 ardent, expert book aficionadas work tirelessly in the library E-bay corner of the basement on several computers, using book shelves made especially for their tasks by Friends Master of all Trades: Dick Burgess, but twenty or thirty Friends daily or weekly sort through the hundreds of books donated each week to find those thought to be worth searching the internet for high value. Trained by Lisa Misosky to find telltale signs of worth, these book sale faithfuls have contributed to the overall financial success of the quarterly book sales in a phenomenal way. All books that might bring over $14.95 are checked on various book value sites on line by the E-Bay regulars. Books under that amount are offered in the Quarterly Book Sale Collectibles section.

According to E-Bay volunteer Claudia Erwin, the Friends have 1000 books listed per month with a listing cost of $59.95/1000. E-Bay charges 9.15% of sales, and PayPal 2.9% plus 30 cents. Postage to send the books to buyers usually costs from $3 to $4 and the books and other collectibles including dolls and art work are carefully boxed in waterproofed wrappings by the E-Bay volunteers (Materials mailed can often be exposed to water via airline storage bins etc.) Claudia says they sold 620 books in the last 12 month period.

Some of the many faithfuls are pictured below:

We will be going down a varied number of paths in the next few months as we explore the places many of your donated books find themselves. While the great majority are sold at the quarterly book sales and pop-up sales that feature specific books relative to Friends-Sponsored programs such as the Mini-Con and Shakespeare, you will discover many local places that are treated to loans of the books as well as a report about the books sent to our soldiers throughout the world, for which you provide postage at the quarterly sales.

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Oh, the places that we go …. By Barbara Zurl

One never knows where the path might lead, unless one is part of the Ex Libris Team. Each month of the year our presenters follow The Yellow Brick Road, The Silk Road, The Great White Way and unpaved paths through the Smokies (just for example), as they bring interesting, off-beat, and entertaining bits of information to residents of local senior facilities.

The physical roads we follow wend their way through our community from the Life Care Center of Blount County in Louisville to Clover Hill Senior Living at the south end of Maryville on Highway 411. Our other nine facilities, Asbury Health Center, Asbury Assisted Living, Kindred TCC, Kindred Fairpark, Brookdale at Sandy Springs and at Brown’s Creek, Liberty Assisted Living, Morning View Village and New Providence Bartlett Adult Day Out Program are pretty much centrally located in Maryville.

As travelers, of course we carry necessities with us – mostly in the form of books. Books of poetry (both old and new), standards such as Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes, Fairy Tales, Tongue Twisters, Song Books, Field Guides about birds, trees, flowers. Oversized books with beautifully photographed gems, artworks, celestial images, and even out-sized children’s BIG BOOKS come into play.

No one can predict the future — nor can they know if the material in the books they are using will be a hit….so each of us always carries a “Go-Bag” — emergency supplies such as joke books, a pop-up book, some old time kitchen utensils, cancelled postage stamps, greeting cards, or vintage costume jewelry. The smallest, most mundane object often leads down a path of remembrance.

For anyone still seeking The Road Not Taken, consider joining us on our travels. Contact Barbara Zurl at 865-977-5034 or Volunteer Coordinator, Dolores Philpot at the library.

Let Us Count the Ways We Love the Library

Submitted By Robert McClelland

The library administration and staff members are constantly dreaming up an amazing variety of unique ideas for programs and services. We often step in to provide necessary financial support, a critical element in any endeavor. One staff member noted recently that the library could not implement some of its ideas without our help. Funds generated by the Friends from dues, contributions, and book sales help make possible such things as high-quality prints on the walls, the Shakespeare garden outside, and book signings.

The myriad ways in which we Friends support the Blount County Public Library, contribute to its mission and promote its community outreach are too numerous to recount in this brief article. Just a few examples will have to suffice. One important thing to reflect upon is the love we feel for the library. That is no small thing. The financial support we give and the multiple services we provide permeate the very air in the building. When checking out a book, viewing a display or attending an event at the library you know that we have touched it in some way.

Note the timely theme of the 2017 Summer Reading Programs—Build a Better World. These could not have happened without the support of the Friends.

In the most recent Friends of the Library board meeting, the following library initiatives were funded:

  • Two Gentlemen of Verona, a William Shakespeare comedy performance by the Tennessee Stage Company
  • 2017 Hot Summer Nights Concert Series
  • Maintenance of the Shakespeare Garden
  • Maintenance of indoor plants
  • Circulation displays
  • Sponsorship of attendees to an advanced cloth binding workshop
  • Total Eclipse Viewing

You are encouraged to attend one or more of the events scheduled at the library this summer. As you leave, you can feel grateful to the library for hosting them and for being able to help make them happen through your contributions and volunteer work.


to you dear Friends

Appalachian Reads is coming to the library.

Every other month, on the third Saturday from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m., interested readers will discuss books written by Southern Appalachian authors.

  • September 16: Long Man by Amy Greene, facilitated by Cynthia Spitler
  • November 18: A Death in the Family by James Agee, facilitated by Sarah Horn
  • January 20: King’s Mountain by Sharon McCrumb, facilitated by A.J.Coulter
  • March 17: Fair and Tender Ladies by Lee Smith, facilitated by Sarah Pirkle
  • May 19: A Parchment of Leaves by Silas House, facilitated by Jan Taylor.

to you dear Friends

July 31, Monday evening from 6:30 to 9 p.m., you will be treated to a Shakespearean performance of Two Gentlemen of Verona in the main gallery of the Reading Rotunda. The Friends will also be hosting a pop-up sale in the entry foyer for this event with drama and Shakespearean books for sale.


to you dear Friends

Your sponsorship of the Hot Summer Nights Concerts provides the community each Thursday evening at 7 p.m. inside the library with an amazing array of musical entertainment:

  • August 3: Cruz Contreras, a group providing songs from blues, folk, soul, and country roots
  • August 10: The Ebbert Family—Summar, Bridget, and Tyler, siblings performing bluegrass, mountain, Celtic, Civil War, Gospel and classical music on many string instruments (Summer Ebbert recently became the Tennessee PeeWee Fiddle Champion!)
  • August 17: Sisters of the Silver Sage singing western and cowboy music
  • August 24: Knoxville Jazz Youth Orchestra Small Ensemble
  • August 31: Knoxville Opera presenting Broadway and Operetta Classics

PLUS!!! Provided by you Dear Friends

A very Special Viewing of the August 21 Solar Eclipse from 1-4 in the library and on the adjacent bridge using glasses and special educational materials provided by your Friends.

For further information please call the library at 865-9821-0981 or check out the web:

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To access the BLOUNT COUNTY LIBRARY CALENDAR of EVENTS, please click on the photo.

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