Between Friends - Blount County Friends of the Library Newsletter - December 2017

Blount County Friends of the Library Newsletter - December 2017
border Note from the President, Denise Robertson

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Our first book sale in December was a success! People responded as we had hoped they would – shopping for themselves and others at our sale. Although not our largest sale of 2017, it was respectable. As always, the sale takes a lot of people to make it happen and I thank you all – the sorters, the section heads, the cashiers, counters, floor walkers and Membership and Publicity. All in all, approximately 40 people worked the sale! The weekday workers who get everything ready for a sale total well over 75 people! That’s an amazing number of people to come together to achieve a goal. We noticed many more vinyl records were purchased than had been done in the past. We also sold almost all of the non–book items that had been donated to FOL. This included commemorative coin sets, patriotic figurines, a Japanese doll, collectible Christmas ornaments, original artwork, table top Christmas trees, Turkish pottery and Spode Christmas china. And of course, many children’s, fiction, history, and bargain books went home with happy new owners. In addition, many oversized coffee table books and several multiple volume sets were purchased as gifts.

Booksale Collectibles

Collectibles (books valued as worth more than $2 but less than our eBay set point of $18.95) did well, too. Thursday was very busy and Friday started off well, but as soon as it started snowing, the crowds dwindled. Saturday had a steady stream of buyers. Everyone was in good spirits for the whole sale and delighted to find such great bargains. There were a few bumps in the road as is to be expected when there are changes. We are now using cash registers because it will not only give us money counts, but the number of transactions and at what price. I, personally, could tell someone how to operate a register but when I took my turn at doing it, I kept hitting the wrong keys! The people that worked the sale made a list of suggestions on how to make things better. The Tuesday Roundtable went over the list and is addressing all of the suggestions.

Now it’s time to take a step back and enjoy the holiday season. It’s been a busy month so far and instead of dreaming about sugarplums, I have books swirling around in my head - which is just fine by me! Have a wonderful holiday season and start the New Year out right by digging back in to our sale preparations. Our next sale is only 3 months away!

Denise Robertson, Friends Board President and Basement Book Sale Manager

Thursday – Members Only

Thursday Booksale - Members Shopping

Friday and Saturday

Friday and Saturday Booksale


Where do the books go?

Roadsigns to donated books' destinations

Lisa and Little Free Libraries

By Staff Writer Robert McClelland

Lisa McDaniel-Tipton, a library employee for 15 years, is poised for a new role. In January, she will leave her job in the Reference Department to take on the responsibility of cataloging and processing new books and non-book materials. She’ll find the right spot for each new acquisition that passes across her desk. Her love for books will certainly help her there.

Although thrilled about the change, she expects to encounter a few bitter-sweet moments. “We really are a family in the Reference Department, and I am going to miss them so much.” Lisa loves working with other library employees and is proud of the library’s impact on the community.

One of the things that she is very excited about is the promotion of Little Free Libraries in Blount county. She first heard about them in a presentation at the Tennessee Library Association conference last year and thought it was wonderful idea, particularly for remote areas. She approached her supervisor and was encouraged to initiate the project. To date, the library has installed three Little Free Libraries in the county. The first was placed at the city hall in Townsend. The other two are situated respectively at the Juvenile Court Building in Maryville and in Mimosa Estates, just off Alcoa Highway.

The Friends of the Library has been an integral part of the project, providing funds as well as books. Dick Burgess, a member of the Board, constructed all three of the above mentioned little libraries, which are small, glass-fronted, weatherproof boxes mounted on a post.

An individual who takes a book or two from a Little Free Library does not need to return the exact books but can bring back others in their place. These exchanges function on the honor system; everyone contributes to ensure there are always quality books inside.

Many positive comments about them have been posted on the Library’s Facebook page: “That is the nicest little thing I've ever seen.” “I love this so much!” and “They're awesome!”

Little Free Libraries is a worldwide movement. Over 50,000 can be found in all 50 U.S. states and in more than 70 countries. Information can be found online at Who knows? You may be inspired to build one or two yourself.

Blue Library
Blue library Mimosa Estates
Photo courtesy of LIsa McDaniel-Tipton, BCPL
Green Library
Green library Townsend
Photo courtesy of Kathleen Christy, BCPL

Thank You!

A Thank You from Food Connection

Ginger, who is on the library staff, was going to Haven House recently to take Friends’ donated books and learned that Charlie Butera was ill and could not deliver books the Friends had designated to Food Connection so Ginger carried them over. As she was carrying boxes into the Food Connection people actually stopped her and asked if they could have one of the Reader’s Digests or two. They were so thankful to get the books. A volunteer couple will now be delivering those books and we will share with you their experiences in the future.

Food Connection sent this note to Ginger and the Friends:

On behalf of everyone that will be using our books, thank you for bringing them to us! Please extend our thanks to Friends of the Library and the library. Guests were already looking through before we closed. Books are so expensive and so many cannot afford them.

Thank you Again,
Community Food Connection

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